167-2010 July 17 Seattle To Portland Bike Ride

Help FIND the Truson Organic's, Seattle-to-Portland Bike Rider for 2010! He will be wearing the "Bean Team" Green-Jersey(Just like our Chili Lime Label).

The person who sends us their "Best photo" of the Truson Organics rider Saturday, July 17th from anywhere along the S-T-P route will be entered in our contest to win $100 of products. Post to our website "share page" at www.trusonorganics.com by 8pm or send pics to trusonorganics@hotmail.com. Our decision will be made by Saturday 10p.m.


Link to Cascade Bicycle Club

2010 Group Health STP Details
July 17 - 18, 2010

The 31st annual Group Health Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic is the largest multi-day ride in the Northwest. Up to 10,000 riders make the 200-mile trek. The route, carefully marked with directional arrows, leads riders through the scenic valleys, forests and farmlands of western Washington and Oregon.

Food is included at midday rest stops interspersed with community-supported mini-stops where quick energy may be purchased. Mechanical and medical support is provided for rider safety and enjoyment. Come join what Bicycling Magazine has listed as one of the best cycling events in the nation!

Route Statistics
This data is provided by EndlessPursuit

Total distance (miles) 202.25
Uphill distance (miles) 30.87
Uphill altitude (feet) 1,951
Maximum altitude (feet) 463

From Cascade Bicycle Club and all the organizations we thank you for your continued support of cycling and the Group Health STP.

Enjoy the ride and Go Truson Go!

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