About Us

The Truson Organics Story

Only consumers have the power to change the world by demanding better products. Truson Organics, Inc. is a company that is committed to making the world a better place.

In May of 2004 we began selling our
fabulous organic roasted soy nuts
at local Farmers Markets.
Two families joined together to create Truson Organics Inc. Our goal was to make a healthy better tasting soy nut. And so with a little help from our friends we developed a unique method of roasting our organic soy beans so that they remained crunchy instead of hard and dried out.

Founded by Philip & Mavis Erikson

After our second successful season at the local Farmers Markets our customers encouraged us to try and get our products into some local grocery stores.

Crunchy Powerful Nutrition “The Perfect Snacks”.
Now thanks to our loyal customer support you can find Truson Organics roasted soy nuts in grocery stores, coffee shops, cafes, cafeterias, and schools.

Thank you for choosing Truson Organics roasted
soy nuts. Trust nature, Trust Truson to bring
you the very best.

We use a unique roasting method. Our soy nuts
have the highest percentage of protein and
isoflavones than any other form of soy product.

Demonstrating our products at local grocery
stores by intern Junko Tanigishi from Chiba, Japan.

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