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Mavis and Phil thanks for your sponsorship in the 2010 Seattle to Portland Bike Classic. Your Sea Salt Soy Nuts were a great source of energy along the 203 mile course (which I covered in one day with a time of 12 hr 11 min 20 sec). I was able to share many of individual packets that are easy to carry in my back pockets with other riders along the route, and was nicknamed the "nut man". I am looking forward to my return in July of 2011.
Erikson, Carl

When my friend offered to give me a taste of these roasted soy nuts, I said "NO, Thanks!” I've tried soy nuts before and they were dry, flavorless, and stuck in my throat. I felt as if I was eating a health food and why bother! In order to be polite, I decided to try this brand and flavor of soy nut. To my great surprise, they tasted great, were not dry, and I didn't need a chaser to swallow them. There truly is a difference among soy nuts. This brand is the best--I would not eat any other kind. They taste good enough that you don't even care that they are good for you. “My hot flashes are gone”!
Margaret T. - Kirkland Washington

Truson Organics Chili Lime soy nuts go with me everywhere. I have a bag in my car, at my desk on my kitchen counter; I'm telling you I can't get enough! When I'm running errand's and don't have time to stop and eat I just grab my soy nuts and I'm satisfied until my next meal. If I'm at my desk and feel my blood sugar getting low, and I need to finish up on what I'm working on, I grab a handful. When I'm sitting watching a movie I have a bowl (no more popcorn), when our friends come over for dinner or to watch the Seahawk game I have a bowl of soy nuts out, (no more greasy chips) and they go great with beer. My husband loves corn nuts but once I introduced him to Truson's Chili Lime soy nuts and other flavors he's never gone back to corn nuts! Now we are both obsessed, and the best part is, there good for us and they help me with my hot flashes! Not all soy nuts are created equal. Truson's are definitely the best tasting with the best crunch!
Erika A. - Mill Creek Washington

These are the best tasting, crunchiest but NOT hard soy nuts I've tasted! YUM
Ryan A. - Bothell Washington

Very good product.
Renato Patron - Phoenix, Arizona

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