Soy Bean - The Anti Cancer Weapon?

The Soy Bean
by Lenny Hirsch

This versatile bean has the reputation of a powerful anti cancer weapon. It comes in many forms: the natural bean, soy milk, tofu, Tempe and dried processed chunks that resemble dog food ( Textured Vegetable Protein). For many of those of us fighting prostate cancer, soy has become an addition to our daily diet.
Studies have shown that men from Asian countries consume on the average of about 50 to 100 mg of soy daily compared to approximately 1 to 5mg per day for American men. The prostate cancer death rate in Asian countries is very low compared to that of the USA . Prostate cancer death rates in Japan are four to seven times lower than in the States, yet the incidence of prostate cancer among both Japanese and American men seems to be even. American men have more clinically significant prostate cancer, which leads to a higher fatality rate.

All of this makes for very good reason to increase our consumption soy. In my search to find an easy, cheap way to eat more soy I found that the simple soy bean has more total Isoflavones and Genistein than any of the soy products.

Here is what I do with this wonder bean; Soak a cup of beans in three cups of water over night. The next day they are ready to eat. I add a spoonful to salads, soups or eat them plain. Their nutty flavor enhances salads. I specially enjoy their crunchy quality.

These hydrated beans last up to a week under refrigeration.

Soy Nibbles: Using the hydrated beans you can enjoy a tasty snack. Or try Curry Flavored Soy Nibbles: Lightly coat the beans with olive oil. Sprinkle them with curry powder. Add salt if desired. Bake them in a moderate oven for half hour. Stir them occasionally. Curry powder contains turmeric which is said to help control cancer. Keep them in sealed jar.

Italian Style Soy Beans
Baked beans: For one cup of soaked beans mix together two teaspoons tomato paste, teaspoon of dried oregano, garlic powder, teaspoon of olive oil and pepper. Add to the beans and bake in a moderate oven for half hour. Here you are hitting the cancer with all the big guns; the best of the Mediterranean diet products, plus soy.

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He has established prostate cancer support groups in Israel in Haifa and Tel Aviv. For his latest opinion pieces about standard of care in his country see Grassroots

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